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Language spoken by most Afghans and almost all in the North West Province Pakistan.
I speak Pashto " Zama Jibba Pashto da"
by Brad_from_Harrogate August 04, 2006
Pashto (also: Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto, Pashtu, or Pushtu), is the language spoken by 35% of Afghansitan's people and almost 15% of Pakistanis. (Source: CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia). Pashto belongs to the Eastern Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian language family.
زما ژبه، پختو دی
Translation: My language is Pashto.
by Aria Tamaddon December 05, 2008
Language used by people living now in the north west frontier province(NWFP)of pakistan and about 60% of the whole population of afghanistan known as pakhtoons and/or patans.pashto is an old language .Its alphabets are arabic or persian .A difficult language speak properly only by the people whos mother tongue is pashto.
Pashto is a language speak by pakhtoons.
by saju June 24, 2007
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