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Child-like way of saying spaghetti.

Phonetic: puh-sket-ti

Etymology: Italian

Pronunciation enPR: psəgĕtʹē, (key): /psəˈɡɛti/, X-SAMP: /ps@"gEti/

Rhymes: -ɛti

Noun. A long thin stringy pasta usually covered in some type of sauce, and/or meatballs.

"Please pass the pasghetti...."

Adjective. A term used to describe thinner sized objects, flimsy, or obscure objects.

1. Spaghetti straps on a shirt,
2. dizzy, off balance, etc
3. Spaghetti Western, or Kung Fu (Martial Arts)
Noun. "Please pass the pasghetti...."

Adjective. "I love pasghetti westerns."
by Mabecorp October 15, 2013

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