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the wad of miscellaneous items stored in one's pockets after the party. ie: sloppy, sweaty crinkled cash, lighters, dime bags with remnants of various substances, phone numbers and ideas scribbled on bits and pieces (back in the 90's), flyers, business cards, change, souvenirs, and other sundries procured from the party.
party animal #1: Oh man, I still have party pockets from last night!

party animal #2: You should empty your party pockets and see if you got any sweet digits!
by occupationother July 29, 2013
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The partay pocket - the breast pocket of your most finely pressed shirt. In the depths of this pocket you will find 2 of the stickiest of the ickiest pinnairs and lighter to satisfy your party needs
Man i am drunk as balls what do you say we hit that party pocket and go down to the river and piss on all the homeless people
by the bruijns March 21, 2007
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The party pocket is the use of a bra as a pocket. This is used when going out and you don't have pants with pockets or a purse.
Just as Jane goes out the door she says, "Shit, what am I going to do with my cell? I don't have pockets." Her friend Mandy says "just shove it in your party pocket. That's what I'm doing."
by Boro Bitch September 27, 2010
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