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v. to partake in the act of toking (cannabis) during a round of golf. a combination of 'par', 'toke', and 'partake'.
He was playing like shit until partoking at the 8th. (partoke, partokes, partoked, partoker)
by sujay September 15, 2006
Like partake:
1. To take or have a part or share; participate.
2. To take or be given part or portion: The guests partook of a delicious dinner.

But in the sisutaion of smoking marijuana, pot, weed, skunk, hash, ganja, erb, smoke, grass, buddha etc.
Guy 1: "Hey what are you doing?"
Guy 2: "Smokeing a j. you wanna partoke?"
by DutchPants July 27, 2004