On an internet forum, a "parroty" thread mocks a previously posted thread like a parrot/parody. Usually, this is done by simply changing a word or two from the original thread being mocked.
Original thread title: "My ship has finally come in"

Parroty thread title: "My shit has finally come out"
by TheReal420Bunny January 07, 2010
A pink, flamingo-esq floatable device that houses one's beverage. Can also be applied around one's johnson.
Example 1
Josh: Hey man, what's your bintang in?
Ducky: That's Parroty.
Josh: Isn't it a flamingo?
Ducky: But can a flamingo do this? (puts Parroty on shoulder)
Josh: Oh, I see - it's actually Parroty.

Example 2
Andy: If the AUD = USD is that Parroty?
Matt: No idiot, that's parity.
by JoshAndyMatt October 26, 2011

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