A mate or friend
Alright pard'

Short for partner, as in "howdy partner"
by amber November 26, 2003
Top Definition
Cornish word for mate; originated before the English language reached Cornwall, when it was used for a miner's workmate, as they commonly mined in twos.
Reet pard. Madder do ee?
by Girlee March 17, 2005
your partner in a game of halo

a friend

someone who you can be friends with

instead of friends you have pards
wish my pards wasn't on the other side of the map!

wheres all my pardsi's at?
by John cheek doctor November 04, 2009
By using the first three letters of PARty and the last three letters of hARD, the word PARD can then be created simply meaning to party hard.

#1) First Person: Hey do you like to drink?

Second Person: Hell yeah! I f^£king PARD!

#2) First Person: So what did you end up doing last weekend?

Second Person: Damn all of us PARDIED! You should have been there!
by BrandonW6735 November 03, 2013
To party hard
"Dude we are totally gonna pard tonight."
"Are you ready to pard?"
by Oneisthelonliestnumber June 02, 2013
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