An awesome alternative rock band who are a complete and total waste of time and money. You decide you love this band soo much and buy a ticket. Little did you know that 5 days before the gig, they decide to fly back to America for ''internal'' reasons.

Jack: ''Hey man, how was Paramore the other night?''

Jim: ''Don't ask, the fuckers stitched me up. Stupid god dam internal problems back in America''

Jack: ''Thats harsh man, lets start listening to ABBA. They may be shit but at least they turned up to their gigs''

Jim: ''I got you on that one buddy''
by superhenz February 24, 2008
Basically the best band ever, they originated in Franklin , Tennessee. The band was on the Twilight Soundtrack for I Caught Myself and another song Decode. The singer's name is Hayley Williams,btw (oops idk the spelling of hayley)
Amy: Have you heard Paramore's new album, Brand new Eyes?

Karina: They have a new album? Cool, I'll have to check that out!
by paramaniac slash twihard :) June 16, 2010
A pop band that has mistakenly been labeled "punk rawk." A load of emos that picked up guitars and microphones and only got their break because of a female lead singer, as if female rockers never existed before (ahem, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, etc). Their career revolves around their singer, Hayley Williams. Just another Pop band that a bunch of naive kids listen to in order to feel emotional, deep, and emo... even though Paramore's lyrics don't go deeper than shallow breakups and even more shallow heartbreak. Their image matters more to them than their music's quality, which is also poor. Going without saying: DON'T LISTEN TO PARAMORE.
Naive Kid 1: Paramore's the best band ever, they're so punk rawk!!
Smart kid 1: Honey, time to get a life. And a taste in music.
by Anything Goes Tonight October 23, 2010
Paramore is the meaning to beastly a.k.a. best band your ears ever ate. Its a good thing:) but anyhoo

Wikepedia says there a emo band but so not true singing about some of the most legit topics ever. Best lyrics, best vocals, best music videos, best looking members none to man and women.

Trust me if you start to think your gay becuz your feeling attraction towards Hayley Williams, your not its natural.
Though most people know this band for there song "Decode" aka 12 year olds
the true fans are the ones that know that there first song was Conspiracy which now you do know so now you are a true fan.

Paramore, paramore, paramore!
"omg i just heard 'decode' by tht one band umm.." 12 year old
"Paramore!" fan
"yeah that one, omg new favorite band everr!" 12 year old
(fan giggles and walks away deleting 12 year old from phone book)
by beastness unda cova January 27, 2010
Shitty band from Incestville, TN that became famous when their christfag lead singer tweeted her ginger tits claiming to have "been" hacked when she let loose her pancakes onto Twitter. Paramore Twitter pages got a HUGE amount of followers of which they haven't seen in ages - mostly because no one knew who the FUCK Paramore was since like 2007 or some shit a long time ago.

"accidental" Ginger Tots = 1,674,027 Followers
John: "Hey dude, have you heard of Paramore, they are sooooooooooooooooooo rad".

Tim: " saw her tits, didn't you?"

John: "...........yes."
by LolFart July 28, 2012
Paramore is a band of three okay looking guys and a semi cute redhead with mediocre music who would be nowhere if the lead singer had a normal hair color.
paramore has okay music but the main reason they're famous is because hayley has red hair.
by Observer of the obvious. December 05, 2010
A band that has been completely blown out of proportion because the Kerrang, one of the many magazines that corporatizes music as a whole,needed a new 'unique' fad, so KAPOW out of the blue, a little band named Paramore who weren't quite 'there' yet and never would be. So kerrang and others used their female vocalist (shock and awe!) to completely overhype a mediocre, at best, band.
John:God I fucking love Paramore
John:Have you seen Haley Williams? She's like the first female rocker ever!
Guy:What abot Lacey Mosley and Amy Lee?
by TheQueenOfPranks January 17, 2009
Orlando slum and ghetto, located just west of the yuppie/douchebag infested Downtown area. Unofficially, one of the highest per captita chickenhead populations in the Central Florida area. Home to crack, meth, heroin, as well as the always-booming sales of said products. Located just south of the new Sports Arena, as well. FYI folks-if you're going to a Magic game, get the F_(k on I4 and get outta town!
My deviant brother-in-law was in town for the weekend, and wanted to know where he could get:
1) Crack
2) Meth
3) Robbed
4) Beaten

I recommended Paramore.
by KokMeet Sandwich December 15, 2009

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