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Somehow married. Fucking crazy geo teacher, and knows how to make anything about her daughter. Or child pornography. And also a dinosaur who literally has been teaching since the beginning of time.
That mrs. fronrath is fucked up

yeah, how did she get children anyway????
by paramorebaby November 05, 2011
The most amazing awesome best ever super duper rocker emo pop band you will ever ever hear in your entire freaking life. Ever. The minds behind hits Decode, Ignorance, The Only Exception , and Misery Business. They sing lines like "The truth never set me free so I did it myself." and "The angles are all wrong now she's ripping wings off of butterflies" and "God knows the world doesn't need another band but what a waste it would've been." and soooo many more! The best band ever!
Awww this song is sick who's it by?
Paramore of course!
by paramorebaby April 17, 2011
Where its at! Home of the Stallions. The getto school to be at. If you go there you rock like me. Girls yell and high-five and kick ass. Guys rock skinnies tighter than the girls'. You pretty much date in your grade unless you're in band- Where Mr. P brings you all together like one huge mostly Asian musical somewhat maybe i guess happy family! And he took Wind Ensemble to the Superior and Jazz Band and Symphonic Band to Excellent level! Girls and boys track, soccer, basketball and flag football rule. Color guard goes second place 2011! Sixth graders welcome in pretty much anything but being school mascot, Sterling the Stallion. Jamba Juice on Tuesday, and pizza on Friday! All around a kickass school to be at!
Hey what school are we playing in the finals?
Coral Springs Middle School.
Aww dammit were gonna lose!
by paramorebaby April 19, 2011

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