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Two keets. Ayam jus keeedeeng!
Aye haba parakeets, dat iz two keets. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! IZ FUNNY!
by August 22, 2003
3 13
Someone who has a problem of Acne and has a ugly mohawk .
My friends Christian , Edie , and Christopher is a parakeet. They all have acne problems and they have penis mohawks . A.K.A pidgeotto
by asianboy209 January 10, 2010
3 17
Resting your cock and balls on someone's shoulder.
Joe took his cock and balls out, rested them on his girlfriends shoulder and told her she had a pretty parakeet.
by Texas Sucks July 28, 2005
43 59
a word that confuses strongmad when strongsad is on caffiene
strongbad:come down
strongmad:come down
strongmad surprised/ confused:did you just say parakeet?
by Brian March 15, 2004
7 35
Did you just say "parakeet"?
Get down! Get down!
by Strong Mad March 07, 2004
13 44
A girl who will say and do whatever you ask her to while youre banging her out.
Man, that girl was such a parakeet, and i was making her say some crazy ass shit too.
by landing June 11, 2005
14 46
a bitch ass mofo
mark trick buster
playtex gentle glide ass Nigga
These niggas is parakeet!
by senor Sanchez August 07, 2005
9 58