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Two keets. Ayam jus keeedeeng!
Aye haba parakeets, dat iz two keets. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! IZ FUNNY!
by davemunger.blogspot.com August 22, 2003
Someone who has a problem of Acne and has a ugly mohawk .
My friends Christian , Edie , and Christopher is a parakeet. They all have acne problems and they have penis mohawks . A.K.A pidgeotto
by asianboy209 January 10, 2010
Resting your cock and balls on someone's shoulder.
Joe took his cock and balls out, rested them on his girlfriends shoulder and told her she had a pretty parakeet.
by Texas Sucks July 28, 2005
a word that confuses strongmad when strongsad is on caffiene
strongbad:come down
strongmad:come down
strongmad surprised/ confused:did you just say parakeet?
by Brian March 15, 2004
Did you just say "parakeet"?
Get down! Get down!
by Strong Mad March 07, 2004
A girl who will say and do whatever you ask her to while youre banging her out.
Man, that girl was such a parakeet, and i was making her say some crazy ass shit too.
by landing June 11, 2005
a bitch ass mofo
mark trick buster
playtex gentle glide ass Nigga
These niggas is parakeet!
by senor Sanchez August 07, 2005