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When one partner, usually the man or dominant in the relationship, is laying on his back... the other partner laying on his chest as a pillow, one arm over, one leg over.

Not to be confused with spooning - the reverse paperclip is when partner one still lays on his back - and partner two is in the aforementioned position only facing outwards.

Founded by the A.S.M (anti spooning movement)
Guy 1: "Did you snuggle after sex?"

Guy 2: "Yeah dude - we paperclipped it up - fuck spooning, I mean i spooned her early in the night BEFORE we fucked..."

Guy 1: "hahaha totally - everyone hates spooning, you just use it to get laid right?!?"

Guy 2: "Exactly... and after I made her say the safety word we drifted off paperclipping"

Guy 1: "awesome - real men don't spoon after sex - spooning is for pussies."
by ASM (RD) December 20, 2011
The process of using a paperclip to reset a modem or router to its factory default settings. This process involves unfolding the paperclip and sticking the end of it into a small hole in the router designed specifically for this purpose.
After forgetting my modem's password I had to call my ISP and they said I had to paperclip it. After paperclipping it I had to reconfigure it from scratch.
by Tom Hartung May 01, 2008
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