"Panzer" is actually short for "Panzerwagen", which in German means "Armor Wagen". Panzer does not, however, mean "panther" like some people believe.
Soldaten: Achtung! Ich sehe ein feindliche Panzerwagen!!
Zweite Soldaten: Nein, Das ist ein Kübelwagen!
by Der Neger February 08, 2005
Top Definition
The panzer is the crescent shaped area of skin on bottom of the female breast or buttocks that exposed by really short shirts or skirts.

Formerly, this most beautiful part of all the female anatomy was without a word to describe it.
In those cut off shorts, I can see her panzer.
by ellweb February 26, 2005
1. German. Any heavily armoured military vehicle, or armour in general.

2. A very overweight person
1. Don't drink and drive your panzer, Fritz.

2. God, look at that panzer!
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004
1.german wartank
2.strong, broad, phat.
3.a VERY fat girl
ooh, that hip hop beat sure s'got a lotta bass ... so panzer!

she says she's big-boned... I say she's jabba! ...what a panzer! PUN-TSAH!!
by Lisa June 15, 2003
1. Overweight person.

2. Can also be used to say that the object/person is Big, Heavy, and Powerful.
I have a friend, and he's a PANZER.
by Lyle Dylandy August 30, 2010
Panzer Tank , cockney rhyming slang for Wank . As with most cockerney slang, only the 1st part of the phrase is used , the rhyming word is dropped .
" Got some new smut , so i'm off home for a quick Panzer "
by Farce December 30, 2005
1. German War Tank
2. A Black Toyota T-100 native to morgantown WV. It has no muffler and is known for insanly loud music. The truck will go anywhere and drives as if posessed. The current owner is insane, and some believe the truck was once owned by Satan.
I just caught a glimpse of the Panzer passing in the other lane. I saw flames coming from the pipes.
by seabass February 22, 2005
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