The act having a girl fit in your pants with you and grinding on each other but not actully getting it in. It could probubly be a succsesfull porno like 2 girls 1 cup.
Pantsing happens when your on level 100 drunk.
by pantser0987654321 October 23, 2010
pantsing is the act of letting the pantsie know that the showing of old, cheap, smelly underwear by wearing one's pants (bought at Big Lots or stolen from the laundromat) low on the hips offends a person or persons directly behind, to the point that the pantser feels a social and patriotic obligation to embarass the pantsie by pulling down the pants the rest of the way and letting the pantsie try to walk away without looking like a ruptured duck.
ike: check out that guy! his dad must be a plumber!
mike: holy shit! maybe he's unable to dress himself without his mommy's help!
ike: or maybe he can't undress himself.............should we give him a hand?
mike: sure! in fact, let's give him two hands!
*at this point the pantsing is performed on the victim*
ike: nice knees, loser! pull up your pants and get the hell away from here!
mike: isn't some village missing an idiot? maybe you should apply, you little pantsie!
by earpuller September 14, 2005
What one does to the ID3 of a song when one adds "In My Pants" to the end of the song title.
* TheCow is listening to Matchbox Twenty - Black and White People in my pants

* KuzeHideo gets funky with Jethro Tull - Thick As a Brick in my pants

* Martel bounces off the walls to Maroon 5 - As Things Collide in my pants.
by TheCow March 24, 2005
Pantsing is the act of forcefully inserting an inappropriate object (commonly a household pet or other furry, animate creature) into the front of one's pants for sexual gratification.
"I walked in on Chris pantsing the neighbor's cat."
by pantser September 12, 2004
Two children who are in love rubbing against eachother to produce a loving friction between eachothers pants.
I love pantsing with face.
by peyants June 26, 2005

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