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-when you jerk off into your own hand, then paw it on your lady's face right after you've finished
...like a panther

(made famous by deadspin)
She was being so feisty in bed i had to panther swipe her; from then on she did what i said.
by dogg81 January 10, 2009
When you blow your load in your hand. Either from jerking it or if a bitch dont finish. Then u smere it on her face with a swipe. Then you say Bitch, lick dat off
This bitch was giving me dome, but didnt finish, so i put my semen in my hand and panther swiped her.
by witekastle February 26, 2009
A man masturbates into his own hand, and then shoves his hand into the face of a woman, smearing the semen all over her.
Dude, I can't believe that receiver just panther swiped a cheerleader. THAT'S ending up on Deadspin!
by DCGuy January 10, 2009