One who lacks courage, One who backs down from a challenge.
To this day the largest coward (pansy, wuss, craven, chicken, and wimp all apply here and more) on the face of the planet is Morris, The yellow bastard.
by Chicago_fan September 15, 2011
Frank Iero's guitar. Was smashed at a MTV Interview. Pansy, RIP.
I will forever mourn the death of my favorite guitar, Pansy.
by Sheikirules December 29, 2008
Poppy Kearns.
"Joe, I was watching Lost last night and I got well scared! As usual... I'm such a pansy!"
by Joh Locke February 28, 2009
The cleaned up version of "pussy"
Teacher: You're a pansy for throwing that paper!

Me: You're a pussy!

Teacher: Step outside.

True story.
by unitedearth March 15, 2009
A word you call your friends to say they are weak.
You are a pansy!
by Presleystyle March 17, 2015
One who is a pussy, fairy, or unmanly male. see, osipov.
Jesus Christ Osipov, you are a fucking pansy.
by Alex September 28, 2003
A sissy. Somone who can't stick up for themselves. Somone who runs from a fight. Somone who is lame.
Shut the fuck up and stop acting like such a pansy.
by Strands57 December 22, 2006

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