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Attracted to all sexes in a romantic way, but not necessarily in a sexual way. Used by asexuals instead biromantic to disregard the idea that there are only two sexes.
"I don't get it. Bretta is totally hot, and she'll date anything, but she's still a virgin."
"That's because she's panromantic asexual."
by theflying_clubcup January 24, 2009
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Able to be attracted to all genders in a romantic way, but not necessarily in a sexual way. Used by people that feel this romantic attraction applies to them, regardless of their sexual orientation.
"I'm a panromantic lesbian. It's when a girl is attracted romantically to people regardless of their gender, but she is only sexually attracted to other girls."
by AlinaKarib November 06, 2014
Panromantic is a romantic orientation that means a person doesn't care about the gender of their romantic interest and that they have potential to be romantically attracted to anyone of any gender. Gender doesn't factor into a Panromantic's decision when picking a partner, instead they focus more on things like personality, likes/dislikes, hobbies, and they're aesthetic preferences. Panromantic is the romantic counter-part to Pansexual.
"Alex and Sam don't care about each other's gender because they're panromantic."
by Secret Keeper May 29, 2015

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