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When a male repeatedly slaps his penis on a womans face to get them both aroused.
before i fucked sarah, i gave her some mad pankus.
by tballer September 01, 2006
A Sociopath who responds with uncommon, passionate but weird expressions. He/she may get upset for the slightest of problems and suffers from social behavioral disorder that originates from excessive listening to rock.
Did you notice that he has been acting panku lately?
by Dragovi'c November 09, 2011
A mushroom shaped bruise or related mark resulting from a particularly forecful pank. A visible injury or mark left by a high velocity whipping of one's penis against another.
I left my signature pankus on her left cheek and let her know that "she ought not be sassin' daddy"
by Breeched November 24, 2006
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