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This is basically the greatest band that has ever been created. They have also been created by the greatest guy ever. Pete Wentz. They have a great record label(Fueled by Ramen and DecayDance). Brendan Urie and Ryan Ross are so hott that they make this band 10xxx hotter. They have one CD with 9 songs that rock. They have a kick-ass concert.
"OMG, Panic! At The Disco had a kickass show last night, and they played my favorite song called Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off!! Also, Ryan and Brendan made out. Can you say HOTT??"
by Miriam<333 September 25, 2006
67 75
well whatever you are doing, drop it and go listen to p!atd. then go buy the album 'a fever you can't sweat out'
half of it has neato instruments like acordians and shit like that. the other half has sweet synthsizers that are kind of disco-ish. they all knew each other growing up in Las Vegas. i hear they are nice guys and i'm going to a show soon. Pete Wentz, bassist from Fall Out Boy, pretty much discovered them. Yah, so i guess the two bands are good friends. They have 3 videos. You can see them all on the internet but only one on mtv so far. I love the lyrics. this is so confusing, but its a great band.
bredon urie = great vocals, guitar, and hotness
spencer smith = drums, sweet guy, cuteness
ryan ross = guitar, write the lyrics, cute guy
brent wilson = bass, way hot & nice hair
Panic! at the disco must be my favorite band!!!

WARNING: teeny boppers will burn, if they say anything about having their babies or type like this "LyK 0mGGZZ Br3nd0n !z s00 hO+++!!!111oneone"
just wanted to bring that to your attention.
by i'm the new cancer April 22, 2006
12 20
An MTV created pop/punk/emo/electronica band that is good... if you are a brainwashed MTV watching zombie. Their lyrics show their lack of talent, creativity, and show that they are overall just plain shitty. They are a disgrace to music. People only like them b/c MTV told them it was good... poor fools.
Panic! at the disco is an uber sucky band with no talent whatsoever. They should drive off of a cliff and die.
by taylorman10000 May 31, 2007
42 52
A recently new band that most people would call emo.there music is a mix between dance n emo rock witch is a good combination
Sit tight, I'm gonna need you to keep time
Come on just snap, snap, snap your fingers for me
Good, good now we're making some progress
Come on just tap, tap, tap your toes to the beat
And I believe this may call for a proper introduction, and well
Don't you see, I'm the narrator, and this is just the prologue?----Panic!At the disco's song (the only difference.....)
by XxXxXLuViSdEdXxXxX April 08, 2006
52 62
Wretched music for flamers.
Fag #1: I love Panic! at the disco!
Fag #2: Let's fuck.
by Jom the fisherman June 02, 2007
23 34
Highly overrated band who write songs with absolutely no melodies, just some "witty" lyrics. Blah blah blah we know all you original fans are mad the mainstream picked them up, but it was only a matter of time before corporate America got its hand on crap music.
Heard this song, "I Sing Tragedies..." or whatever the crap it's called?
Yeah, Panic! At the Disco, huh? Annoying as hell, isn't it?
by Mark LFsd January 14, 2007
51 62
A band that tries way too hard to be emo (even more than From First to Last), and just turn out looking and sounding retarded in every way imaginable, with their corny-as-hell lyrics and very strange image.

Most of their fans are teenage girls who listen to Fall Out Boy just because they think Pete Wentz is hot, or suddenly got into Panic as well because the idea of teenage guys playing in a band (even though they're POP - just as much pop as Hillary Duff as a matter of fact) is irresistible.

Even so, some of their songs ARE quite catchy and can sound good, But.. if you really want to save yourself some embarrassment (and maybe even some of your brain..), then lay off this band.
Typical Panic! At the Disco fan: I LOVE PANIC AT THE DISCO!! BRENDON URIE IS SOOO HAWT!!1!

Person: Ok.. and is that the only reason you like the band?

Typical P!atD fan: NOO! They're soo EMO!! That's why I'm SOOOO EMO right now and wear black and cut myself every day!!!!

Person: Yea... I'm sure the band members do that too.. they just try way too hard to be emo ya know?

Typical P!atD fan: OH YES! They're definitely emo!! I'm such a punk rocker!1!

Person: .. Nevermind. *walks away*
by SomeBadJoke December 12, 2006
41 52