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the button you push on your car alarm keypad that makes the alarm go off
a dog walked up to my car and before he could piss on it i pushed the panic button
by Tha_Cuddla July 23, 2005
When you're in the position sixty-nine and one person decides to tongue jack your fart box and the other person puts a finger in the tongue jacker's butt to avoid having to reciprocate.
She started on the shaft, moved to the balls, and then proceeded to lick my butthole, so I "panic buttoned" her ass!
by The Hoff April 24, 2012
Another word for the term penis/dick/cock.
"Hey did you hear that Sally and Nick hooked up?" - Person 1
"Really, they did??" - Person 2
"Yeah, I heard Nick let Sally play with his panic button" - Person 1
by Booboohay March 02, 2009
To have sex with a woman in the doggystyle position and pump your finger into her anus simultaneously.
While Travis was having sex with Vicky, he pressed the panic button.
by Oneleggedhomo May 18, 2006