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An rubber handle infused with nano-silver that prevents bacteria from growing on the hand - and also improves hand grip.

It's mostly used as any a protective peripheral (subway poles, restrooms, gym equipment, bicycle handles), except it's convenient, portable, and incredibly snug.
(noun) "No way I'm riding those disgusting subway cars without a Pandle."
(verb) "Jessie started using Pandle on her bike commute - you never know if those citibike handles are cleaned properly."
by happy handle January 13, 2015
simply, the handle of a pan.

only those that get hot along with the pan. rubber grips or a special coated metal does not count however.
marcella: shit! i just burnt myself on the pandle. fuck
by NJpanicSyndrome December 20, 2008
Frying pan sandles good for walking in the snow with.
-Hey Craig
-Oh hey John
-What's on your feet Craig?
-Well, these are my new PANDLES.
by Pandles November 12, 2009
the handle used to carry a pan
"Can you get the pan off of the stove? But be careful and use the pandle, otherwise you'll get burned."
by Keelie March 04, 2007
(verb) The act of feigning expertise on a subject in order to belittle others or show superiority.

(noun) one who believes them selves to be any expert on a subject with out have to knowledge to be considered an expert.
So I was at the gym the other day and this guy came up and tried to instruct me on proper nutrition for weight gain. I wasn't going to let him pandle me. He couldn't have weighed more than 140lbs.
by Brad Pit February 24, 2012

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