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To cut someones lunch (seecut lunch) while they are eating it or after they have eaten it.
See Pandaed
The damn pandaing bastard came in and pandaed my ex girlfriend. Bad enough he was hitting on her while we were dating what a panda
by jilted April 27, 2004
To snuggle and spoon that ass so hard that 2 big fluffy panda's humping each other only creates a fraction of the fiery sensations that your body would bring to her. In fact, you intend on doing it so great that she will transcend in both pleasure and spirituality to the point that if you were to leave her that her body would quiver on the equivalent of a intense cocaine withdrawl and her life may potentially be rendered forever incomplete.

Pandaing comes from the word "Panda" and "ing". Similar to cupcaking. Panda-ing, except it can be called pandaing with 2 syllables instead of 3.
Joey: I would pandaing her into infinity and beyond.
Mike: Be careful bro....pandaing is serious business.
by Shookat October 03, 2011
Showing people how rare and special you are, like a panda.
(One YouTuber to another)
"What, are you pandaing to your audience?"
"What? No! Why would I indulge them like that?"
"I think you misunderstood me. 'Pandaing', it's like when you show your audience how rare and special you are, like a panda."
by NotInABand June 23, 2016
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