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Panda Bear is the moniker of Noah Lennox, a founding member of Animal Collective. He creates amazing sound. He came out with this album called person pitch which is motherehfin *eargasmic*

I saw him perform live and fainted like 5 times although that could have been because of all the drugs.
Dude #1: Omg it seems like everything Panda Bear produces is pure and utter titty milk for the brain

Dude #2: Naw man, Avey Tare > Noah Lennox!

Dude #3: *Punches Dude #2 in jaw* Geologist rocks, dirtbag!

Dude #1: LOL @ "Geologist rocks" I mean he's really good its just that it sounds funny
by iConoclastic July 11, 2009
a shy guy that is undeniably HOTT.
My boyfriend's a panda bear.
by natalie March 06, 2005
A term used by gay men that describes a husky, gay, asian man.
Alexander is a total rice queen, he especially loves the big guys. He is all about those panda bears.

*Related to bear- A term used by gay men to describe a husky, large man with a lot of body hair.
by Awok13 February 12, 2012
-a loving term that one significant other calls the other, mainly a girlfriend to a boyfriend.

-references an amazing boyfriend that any girl would be lucky to have
-"I love you Panda Bear."

-"Yup, he's my Panda Bear."
by Hali Doll February 03, 2010
A sexy woman with #FilipinoSwag. One who can work a crowd of thousands to her dance moves. Photoshoot face and professional dancer booty shaking skills. One who can take her sex appeal and apply it to baking cookies and other goodies. The Full-package
So I was at the pistons game with my boy watching the halftime show with the Automotion and I saw a PandaBear she was doing her thing #DanceQueen For sho she looked like she could bake a mean batch of cookies too! Sh*t was #Cray!
by SamDot33 December 19, 2011
a black girl who likes white and black guys made up by twitter/ig (taylorthefirst1 and b7wsam)
girl: what type of guys do you like
black girl: oh i like black and white guys
girl: Ohhhhhh so your a panda bear
by taylorthefirst1 February 24, 2015
1. (n.) large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet;
2. Someone with large deposits of fat on their upperback.
Did you see the fat rolls coming out of her dress? what a panda bear.

by lmills November 17, 2007
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