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3 definitions by iConoclastic

Panda Bear is the moniker of Noah Lennox, a founding member of Animal Collective. He creates amazing sound. He came out with this album called person pitch which is motherehfin *eargasmic*

I saw him perform live and fainted like 5 times although that could have been because of all the drugs.
Dude #1: Omg it seems like everything Panda Bear produces is pure and utter titty milk for the brain

Dude #2: Naw man, Avey Tare > Noah Lennox!

Dude #3: *Punches Dude #2 in jaw* Geologist rocks, dirtbag!

Dude #1: LOL @ "Geologist rocks" I mean he's really good its just that it sounds funny
by iConoclastic July 11, 2009
103 19
When areolas cover at least 35% of the surface of the breast and are stretched out enough for one to think nothing other than the word "bologna" over and over. Not to be witnessed by those with weak constitutions.
She whipped out the tits and I froze at the sight of her bologna-reolas. The alcohol then started to kick in and it gets a little hazy after that. No lesson to be learned when you can't remember the outcome i guess.
by iConoclastic July 24, 2009
22 7
When a girl/fat guy thrashes their titties around while flashing them at the same time.
The drunk girl I liked from class frashed around at the party and broke a dudes jaw. I also found her bologna-reolas to be quite the misfortune.
by iConoclastic July 17, 2009
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