A sex move where one person punches the other in the face, resulting in them getting a black eye. The punch can occur at 3 different stages:
1: Before sex. Most commonly performed by wife beaters.
2: During sex. Most commonly performed by kinky partners.
3: After sex. Most commonly after an ill recieved post-coital slip of the tongue. e.g. "By the way, I'm married"
In the first episode of Californication, that girl from The Nanny goes panda style on David Duchovny.
by Šteggs August 28, 2007
the Asian version of doggy style
the Shimizu's love doing it panda style
by kenta January 17, 2007
To wear a helmet and thrust your head into another persons abdomin.
Dude, I totally got Ben's Mom panda style when she wasn't looking.
by El Presidente & El Fondelier August 02, 2007
A sexual postion that involves putting the male gentalia in another person's ear while smacking their ass at the same time.
"Did you hear that Goerge got Sandy panda style?"
"Yea... I heard she had a hard time hearing afterwards."
by Editor man March 03, 2008
Sex involving defecation multiple times during the act. Pandas can poop as much as 40 times a day, so there's bound to be some during the down and dirty times.
I ate a bean burrito earlier, so I might have to go all panda style on you.
by pandastyler April 06, 2009

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