pancake made to look like a penis.
connor:'i wish i had a boy friend to make pancocks for."
Chris:"dont talk to me gay boy."
by the truth 15 January 15, 2011
Top Definition
when a penis resembles the dimensions of a silver dollar pancake, not to exceed three inches in length,or four inches wide.
Man that fatass had a pancock so huge it barely fit in his boxers.
by 4thpostie March 30, 2009
A pancake that is so delicious and tasty, you have a full blown throbber for the enire duration of your meal. Usually you have to walk out of the resturaunt before it goes away. And it is always noticable to everyone in whole place.
Instead of orderin up fried skrimps at my favorite place to eat for special occasions, red lobster, I had the special of the day, a full stack of pancocks
by bort weinstein November 08, 2006
ihop pancakes in the shape of penises
i'll have them make your pancakes in the shape of dicks, we'll call them pancocks.
by baisley September 12, 2009
A pancake made in the shape of a penis.
Omar ate the pancock we made for him; he said it was delicious!
by pancock April 27, 2008
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