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when a penis resembles the dimensions of a silver dollar pancake, not to exceed three inches in length,or four inches wide.
Man that fatass had a pancock so huge it barely fit in his boxers.
by 4thpostie March 30, 2009
When someone or something is hyped up to be a success and falls completely short and sucks major dick.
Man i watched my son at his highschool baseball game, he is such a disafuckingpointment.
by 4thpostie April 15, 2010
one who is hipocritical and only participates in his mormon studies when he has to , a lazy bloker.But is usually smarter than the average mormon because he has been in high school upwards of 20 years.
wow hes a real sunday mormon, he cussed all week at practice and didnt even show up for the sunday games because he had to read mormon scrolls.
by 4thpostie March 30, 2009
the part of a dudes ball sack on which his cock,(man rifle) rests on, causing a depression .The larger the dick the more severe the sheath.
Dude that man has such a fat pancock that it dosent even fit in its penal sheath.
by 4thpostie March 30, 2009

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