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I don't see why the definition requires 20 letters and 3 words to say that pance is just another way to write pants.
Put your pance on one leg at a time.
by 0dette November 28, 2006
when you really need to pee, so you start doing a weird dance.
"Look and Frank over there!"
"What is he doing?"
"I think he's pancing"
"haha! i love it when people pance! its so funny!"
by peepeepance April 12, 2009
The dumbass way of spelling pants
I need to put on those pance.
by Syracuse965 March 06, 2013
A mispelling of pants, see ponce
pance 4 u 2 day
by Fo0L November 28, 2003
Pance is not another word for pants it is a name, my name.
"who is that guy with all those stupid tattoos"
"that, that's Pance"
by the guy with stupid tattoos February 18, 2010
The true meaning of Pance is in fact when one dons their very own (and not someone else's because that's just cheating...and gross) best party pants to have a dancey dance.
When one puts on their pance they are said to enjoy a party and a dance.
by JenBunny June 19, 2016
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