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Comonly used to refer to black people when they are everywhere and pissing you off.
These god damn pancakes are really grinding my gears Bob.
by TheRamrod October 24, 2010
3 2
Slang term for boobs.
Richard: How do you like your pancakes, Tom?
Tom: Nice and firm.
by GoodMourning13 July 18, 2010
3 2
pancakes has 2 terms of which i know

1 the food flattened dough or pancake mix

2 someone with really small boobs =)
1 have we got any pancakes

2you've got heavy pancakes
by iCHeeRioS July 15, 2010
4 3
To shit on somebody's laptop keyboard then close the screen.
John: "Man, that party sucked... I gave that fucker a pancake."
Jake: "you're an asshole..."
by ITTG May 01, 2009
5 4
1. means of landing a plane (generally a military plane) without your landing gear. Also called a Belly flop or belly landing. Generally, the plane isnt too flyable after a pancake landing.
The flak took out his landing gear so he had to pancake into the ocean.
by Irontangerine May 31, 2007
14 13
Tires that are thin and elongated to fit rims 18 inches and larger. The term originated from Houston Texas and is used on SLABs.
"Yo Dawg you got some fine pancakes kicken' the gravel on them spinners ridin candy paint while sittin rollin on glass"

"Dog I just went to fondren and main and picked up some twankies to compliment the pancakes on my delta 88"
by HTXTRILLA February 25, 2014
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A former heterosexual person, who only discovered their homosexuality because of a homosexual partner. They are referred to as a pancake because they were "flipped" to the other side.
Stacy was straight, until she met Jill. Stacy didn't understand her crush on Jill but went along with her feelings. They eventually started dating. Stacy is a pancake.

*Jill, in this example, is a Spatula .
by Nopenopenope November 07, 2013
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