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when ones butt has absolutely no shape to it at all. Looking very flat, like a pancake.
What happened to good old-fashioned pancake butt. Now that's what mom used to make. No cupping necessary.
#flat #nobooty #skinnyasswhitegirl #flatass #pancake buttitis
by robert hilla March 26, 2009
when a woman's ass is flat and or non existent
yea she was really cute and had a great personality, but she has a bad case of pancake butt
#ass #woman #butt #pancake #sad
by solo insanity January 19, 2013
Pancake butt is when ur butt is really lat.It usually happens when u enter ur 50s.
person A:dude ur mom is getting old.
person B:yea i know.
person A:shes starting to get pancake butt.
#flatty #flat butt #pancakey #pancake #flat pancake
by modern warfare 2 November 20, 2009
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