Pussy Ass Mother Fucker
What's up PAMF. Most commonly used when calling out some asshole who talks shit behind your back, never to your face.
by G'z Nutz September 11, 2004
Noun: The opposite of a BAMF (Bad Ass MotherFucker). A PAMF is a Punk Ass MotherFucker or Pussy Ass MotherFucker. Whichever you prefer. It is commonly used to describe the first person to leave a party or a person who simply has a poor attitude about tearing up the town that night. It can also be used to describe someone who is killing morale. It can also be used to describe someone who goes back on their word or is simply bringing down everyone else's mood.
Example 1
Guy A: Dude, why was Steve acting so mad last night? He ruined everyone's night.

Guy B: I know. He was being a real PAMF.

Example 2
Person A: You still down to help me with my Spanish homework later, brodie? You promised!

Person B: Nah man, change of plans. My girlfriend said she wanted to go for a picnic at that time. Sorry my dude.

Person A: Picnic?...I swear, you're such a PAMF.

Example 3
Person A: Man, why are you still working out? You're never going to lose weight!

Person B: Honestly, you and your PAMF-ass attitude can GTFO.
by NAKillo September 16, 2011
PAMF pam-f
Acronym of Pussy Ass Mother Fucker.
Me : Tequila shots all around!
David : I cant drink any more my tummy hurts
Me : quit being a PAMF and take a shot.
by Richeese January 05, 2012
pansy ass motha fucker.
Dude, he had to stop his tattoo after one line. What a pamf.
by spilli December 19, 2010
Like BAMF except your replace Bad with the word Poor. Poor Ass Mother Fucker
Those Italians down the street from me are PAMF's
by M44Gunner January 24, 2010
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