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"Palmpalin" noun: A group of words written on the palm of the non-dominant hand to be used surreptitiously during an important speech, especially w hen a particularly crucial and potentially damaging word (such as "budget" in the context of a speech by an ambitious politician) has been crossed out.

"Palmpalining" verb: The act of creating a palmpalin
The words used by Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, on the palm of her left hand during a speech given to the Teaparty association, which were apparently to be used as prompts; the word "budget" had been crossed out.

As in: "During her speech to the Teaparty convention, Sarah Palin glanced at a palmpalin which, during one of her gestures, became visible to the TV cameras and audience."
by picsbyalf February 21, 2010
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