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"palin" Verb: To use the palm of the non-dominant hand to write down a note to use surreptitiously in a speech. "Palin" noun: A word written in that manner for that purpose.
"palinoid" Noun: An incomplete or partial paliin.

full palin: A palin re-creating Sarach Palin's famous use of her left hand to write prompts especially when a word which might arguably be the most powerful, essential, and potentially tricky part of the speech is crossed out.

palining: The act or producing a palin.

Palinpeek: The act of glancing surreptitiously at a palin during a formal speech, hoping not to be observed doing so.
Words used by Sarah Palin in a recent speech to the Teaparty meeting wherein she exposed to the TV camera some four or five words including "budget" which had been crossed out.

This writer knows of no other example of palining.
by picsbyalf February 21, 2010
"Palmpalin" noun: A group of words written on the palm of the non-dominant hand to be used surreptitiously during an important speech, especially w hen a particularly crucial and potentially damaging word (such as "budget" in the context of a speech by an ambitious politician) has been crossed out.

"Palmpalining" verb: The act of creating a palmpalin
The words used by Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, on the palm of her left hand during a speech given to the Teaparty association, which were apparently to be used as prompts; the word "budget" had been crossed out.

As in: "During her speech to the Teaparty convention, Sarah Palin glanced at a palmpalin which, during one of her gestures, became visible to the TV cameras and audience."
by picsbyalf February 21, 2010
One who studies, uses, appreciates, and furthers the use of persiflage, and particularly its use as a creative and constructive art form when used in the midst of what should be a serious discussion (see below) i.e. to lighten the mood and introduce a quantitatively and qualitatively appropriate bit of humor which does not disrupt but facilitates further constructive discussion. Therefore, the true persiflagologist does not abuse her/her verbal, intellectual and interpersonal skills but, like any other deft artist, uses a splash of color, movement or sound to play a constructive role in the midst of serious discussion.
Professor Smidghley-Smythe of Western Southwicke College was famous for his witty comments, which he pointed out were persiflage, which is generally seen as witty, light-hearted raillery. He was a true persiflagologist. For example, he further pointed out, in the Disney version of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party the Mad Hatter states "Enough of this persiflage." However, according to at least one source the word may have a much deeper meaning, i.e. trivial or light-hearted comments "introduced into what should be a serious discussion" and therefore may be a constructive and creative use of a high level of verbal and interpersonal skill.

Therefore, his scholarly approach to the matter qualifies him not only as one who uses persiflage but as a persiflagologist.
by picsbyalf February 27, 2010
To behave in a manner which will create cause chaos; this may be simply intentional in a sadistic harsh-prank manner or apparently without unconscious intent as in the "hysterical 'what? I did that?'" style or as may be seen in indivuduals suffering from Tourette's disorder who may make offensive or disruptive comments without intent or awareness. Most commonly seen in florid form in individuals whose behavior and other characteristics meet criteria for a formal diagnosis of Personalty Disorder, Borderline Type per the

American Psychiatric Association's "DSM" diagnostic manual.
Ed came into the doctor's office frequently, complaining loudly iin the waiting room of pain but when seen by the doctor complaining of cold symptoms and then, after leaving, complaining to others how insensitive the doctor had been concerning his pain; or a patient who adamantly demands treatment for complaints which are presented in a high-intensity, low-specificity, negative-tone manner while complaining loudly that all alternatives offered are at best stupid and at worst destructive. Such individuals are adept at "splitting" i.e. setting various individuals in the healing professions into conflict. When one sees a letter starting with "I have been a .... for .... years and I have never seen such mismanagement...." or when one attends a staffing of routine sort to find all possible staff from multiple agencies present, creating a "Cecile B. DeMille" situation with angry glares exchanged, one is dealing with a chaosogenic individual who is skilled at "splitting" and setting different caretakers into conflict if not warfare. The behavior appears to be deeply driven and essential to the comfort and feeling of well-being of the iindividual involved who does not appear to be driven by hostile motives.
by picsbyalf February 21, 2010

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