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pallavi, is a common Indian name. its origin comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. the word itself consists of 3 words:
- pa is derived from padam which means word or phrase;
- lla comes from layam which means poetry or rhythm;
- vi is from vinyasam which means imagination

pallavi is the thematic line of a song.

furthermore, pallavi also means the coming of new leaves and everything that is new and fresh.
pallavi, that's a really nice dress you have on.

by Pallavi =) October 02, 2008
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The most amazing person. Name literally translates to song, but usually sings AWFULLY. Pallavi is love, Pallavi is life. Not a slut at all. You can't ask for a better friend.
Hot ass and great personality? Gotta be a pallavi
by vaporeonnn November 05, 2014
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A fucking slut but at least she's good at sucking dick
by joemamma1234567890 January 07, 2014
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