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noun - used in the mnemonic rule used for the formula of the drain current of a MOSFET transistor in saturation mode. In electronics: Id = 1/2*kn'*(W/L)*(Vgs-Vt)^2*(1+lambda*Vds)
Heavy Cars Got So Much To Say On PaLDoS


Half Constant vGS Minus vT Squared One Plus Lambda vDS
by Batman and Robin June 06, 2005
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Is "that guy." The guy, who will sneak into your photographs with your friends. Eventually, when you get them developed you will see a faint image of "that guy" somewhere in your picture, thus ruining your picture.

1.I don't remember taking a picture with that creepy guy! It's just his face too! Who is that?...

2. Paldo, the Where's Waldo Wanna-Be.
by kaydeelaydee April 10, 2009

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