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1. (informal) reverse gear of a car
2. finnish army everymans equipment for food cooking and eating
1. laita pakki päälle!
use reverse gear!
2. pakki oli täynnä keittoa
pakki was full of soup
by matti March 06, 2005
In the UK, Short for pakkistani offen an insult (but not always). Stupid people offen used this term in less enlightend days to refer to anyone who was even vaguely indian or pakkistani.

I really hate that fucking pakki
by grumpyboy September 13, 2005
a punk rock outfit from california, that hates racist pig bastards that are to afraid to look at themselves in the mirror, an abbreviation for the name patrick that existed long before arab hatred.
pakki kicks ass, too bad they have to change their name so as not to be identified with a bunch of nimrods!
by jim March 24, 2004
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