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really a kickass country lamed down by the soviet union. one of the most techologcaly advance county with wireless in like everywhere, so you can surf porn even while on a bus( not reccomended because of russians who steal and use WAY-WAY excessive swearing).
Good thing about estonia are
+The estonian attitude- noone really cares and go on with their own business
+EXTREMELY HOt chicks all around of all tastes(blondes, brunettes, sluts, goths etc there are unfortunetly not many redheads)
+If theres a will theres a way. you can get anything no matter how young or old you are but please no babe stealing and pedophiles
+night life is awesome and therre are loads of parties
+Estonian beer is the bestest in the universe(fo' real)people who say that belgian beer is better are fucking psychos cause belgian beer is watered down piss flavored... piss

Bad things are
-Russians( some are actualyl really cool and stuff but there are lots more swearing wiggers and skin heads)
-school system ( not really that bad, you are actually way ahead of everyone else in the world but there are way too much homework)

SO.... really no dissing estonians cause we are a kickass nation with some bad history with über cool people nature and people

in estonia me and my friend were walking around in tartu( better then tallin cause there are way more hotter chicks there) when we decided to stop by and buy food when blam a hot chick then a bit later blam another then blam out of nowhere a couple of friend pop out then again blam hot chick then blam beer
by eestlaneeeee jeee September 14, 2006
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OK for starters i say that i am an estonian and i read both definitions, one by "eestlaneeeee jeee" and the other by "NobodySpeshul". One of them is clearly Russian and the other Estonian. They represent 2 different extremities. The truth is somewhere in between. I know Estonians are happy with their little country, i'm not a Russian so not sure about them. But i say let's not fight, and if we hate each other so much and can't be friends, then we should at least leave each other alone. Thanks.
Russian: "Estonians suck goddamn idiots Russia FTW!"
Estonian: "Stupid Russians hope they burn in hell, Estonia is the best!"
We should stop acting like kids. Both nations.
by 15 April 26, 2008
Estonia is the point beyond which you reach when you are bloody stoned!
'I have crossed the borders of Estonia!' (you say that when you are fuck stoned!)
by swaminamina September 12, 2010
Estonia is located in Eastern Europe, just near Finland. In many countries Estonians = stupid. Mainly, in Estonia live Russians and, of course, Estonians. Both sides hate each other IMO becouse they are completely different. Almost all Estonians are patriots,I got no idea what they are proud of. Estonia's old town is pretty good for a small town. Many people think that Estonian goverment SUCK.
Estonian : Hahaha, Estonia ownzzz Russians, lol, Estonianz the best, YEEEEH!

Russians: Estonians, haha, what a stupid creatures.
by I_Cole August 14, 2008
Estonia is one of the Baltic States, which is located in Northern Europe, with Finland, Russia and Latvia as their neighbours. The country's population is estimated as 1,342,409, half of which, if not more, are apathetic bigots or nationalists, who imagine Estonia as the axis that the world spins around.

Due to the aforementioned, visiting Estonia as a tourist may be difficult: few bother to learn a foreign language, and those few that do, won't bother to help you, unless you speak Estonian fluently and suck up to them.

Estonians hate Russians for political reasons, despite the fact they're completely uneducated in that area, and it would be a miracle if they at least knew what democracy is, and the recent riot demonstrated that they, in fact, do not. Confessing that you are Russian is equal to confessing that you are gay.

Perhaps the only reason to visit Estonia and its true beauty is its old towns, specifically, Tallinn's Old Town, with its glorious architectural styles. At least the buildings don't blabber on about how great Estonia is.
Estonian A: Doop dee maa taa ne?
Estonian B: Doo mee too kaa soot!
by TranslucentBliss June 24, 2007

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