Someone that plays paintball frequently that is pretty awesome. Usually the cool kids at school buuuut they always act gangster which gets annoying as fuck but theyre still coo'.
god he fuckin OWND my ass in the pits
yeah. hes a gangster ass mo'fucka. he told u hed pop a cap in ur ass.
yeah he did.
and he followed thru on that threat 2. he is a gangsta mofuckin paintballer
by Chace123 December 07, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who plays paintball.
Don't get into a gunfight with an experienced paintballer, he'll KILL you!
by John Wayne Newton January 11, 2007
A male that is really good at using their fingers for pleasure from experience of pulling the trigger on their paintball gun
I wish their were more paintballers at this party.

Every girl loves a good paintballer!
by TheHossMan April 19, 2010
A Massive Wanker who does not understand basic tactical ideoligies, and uses his C02 Powered tube like its a flamethrower.
Daedalus: Hey look, that guys shit at airsoft!

Jai: No he's just a paintballer
by Udderberry1 February 14, 2012
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