An adorable guy who has an awesome taste in music and is so sweet and loving to his girlfriend but dont ever ever get on his bad side
1:you know that guy page?
2:yeah hes so cool
by hufan111 November 10, 2013
- an awesome name
- the name page means animal lover, who will fight for what she believes in
- Tend to like cheese, animals, cheese, and roller coasters .....and cheese
Page Rules.
by Sunshine Smiles 25 June 23, 2013
noun ~ Good ole fashioned U.S. Currency; Often used in a slang situation where the words "Money", or "Cash" would be commonly used.
I meeting a guy that wants to buy my car, but if he doesn't peel the pages, he's not getting the car, capice' ?
by jazz_man1962inTX January 11, 2010
A group of extrordinarally beautiful girls that will be best friends forever!
paschal, acosta, guarnes, enriquez
by ryelea August 22, 2003
1. First name of the Phish keyboard player Page McConnell. Early Phish recordings show that Page was the best, only to be overtaken by Trey soon after. Has an excellent voice (Wading in the Velvet Sea) and is exceptional on keyboards. His new band is called Vida Blue.
2. The last name of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.
Page broke down during Wading in the Velvet Sea at Coventry.
by Zachée Elliée September 05, 2005
A guy April loves. A guy April misses alot, more then the world knows, or even him.
Who does April want to marry someday? Oh Page you say?
by Apeface2008 August 18, 2008
A slutty hoe who thinks shes better than everyone else, thinks shes tough, and in other words is a skunt.
People: Oh i know i hate that girl shes such a Page!
Me: Yeah, sadly i know the type,
People: Ew gross.
by chickaayeaay January 08, 2009
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