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1.) Noun: A Page is a 16 or 17 year old High School Junior from any district around the country who is selectively appointed by his or her Member to work in the U.S. House of Representatives or the Senate and to live and go to school on Capitol Hill.

House and Senate Pages can serve in the Fall (September-January) and Spring (Febrary-June) sessions, or for a short term during the Summer.

Pages have worked in Congress from the very first session, held in 1800 in Washington DC. Pages are responsible for many duties including a full-time job running documents, flags, filing bills, giving directions, ringing bells, documenting, collecting statements from Members, printing vote tallies, answering phones in the Republican and Democratic Cloakrooms, and working in the Speaker of the House's Office, as well as attending the U.S. Page school in the mornings. House Pages attend school in the attic level of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, while Senate Pages live and go to school in another dorm building on Capitol Hill.

2.) Noun: Someone or something that suffers from severe sleep deprivation due to lack of sleep.

3.) Adjective: (Page-ly); Well behaved on the House floor, Righteous, Upright, signs back in from lunch on time. Does not get Demerits; NOT involved in sexual scandal and/or unethical political behavior.
A PAGE was walking up First Street with a navy blue blazer, grey pants, and a hideous red, white, and blue tie.

PAGES get mauled by homeless men on acid trips while riding the DC metro.

"Get off the Members Only elevator you stupid PAGE!!!"

Your eyes are so sunk in that you look like a PAGE.

Miss Haigler looks UNPAGELY in that skanky skirt.

What's the difference between Congress and the Library of Congress???
---In the Library of Congress you can't lick the PAGES.

Sleeping with that Congressman was soooo UNPAGELY of you!
by Cheergurl07 November 19, 2006
An extremely Liberal individual. A Santa Clause follows unrealistic economic and social principles and hates religion.

Santa Clauses often drive a hatchback and reward naughty children under the tree.
God is a Republican and Santa Clause is a Democrat.

That limp-wristed, pot-smoking, daisy-picking Liberal is such a SANTA CLAUSE.

by Cheergurl07 November 19, 2006

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