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Female version of fap. Derived from the sound of a female masturbating.
As she saw her boyfriend give a hot show on webcam, she paffed until her fingers were sore.
by The Duck Mastah June 02, 2010
to masturbate. first heard in canadian high schools attended by young but moxy feminists.
"i had a huge crush on you in high school and and would paff while thinking of you."
by mystery meat June 10, 2008
clearly the noise that is created when a large quantity of drinking straws are thrown
hey buddy whats up


what was that?
that was clearly the noise of drinking sraws being thrown
by mondonkeyman April 13, 2010
Term used for a cigarette in the southwestern suburbs of Baltimore, MD.
Can I bum a paff off of you?
by Zephyr Sky September 15, 2010
The Real American Patriot. He so tough he kills terrorists when he's making breakfast! He fights everyone- ninjas, Mike Tyson, the King and Queen...

His only problem is he can't spell. Or speak proper English. Or draw. is Paff's official website!
by Paff_fan May 09, 2005
The word you say when you drop something on the ground.

English word that has been most likely invented in Sweden.

Pronounced like “poff”
by Ketchup_4u June 02, 2010
1. A word used to replace or expand upon profanity.

2. A sound effect used for physical humor; oft followed by 'biff,' 'pow' or 'kaboom.'
1. "So I told the guy to go paff himself before I paffed the paff outa him... paffing jerk."

2. Bob was running along when out of nowhere, a bird flew into him and PAFF! right in the face!
by Rosie-Shirley Hoehn-Unrau December 11, 2007
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