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The Real American Patriot. He so tough he kills terrorists when he's making breakfast! He fights everyone- ninjas, Mike Tyson, the King and Queen...

His only problem is he can't spell. Or speak proper English. Or draw.
www.paffonline.tk is Paff's official website!
by Paff_fan May 09, 2005
16 12
Female version of fap. Derived from the sound of a female masturbating.
As she saw her boyfriend give a hot show on webcam, she paffed until her fingers were sore.
by The Duck Mastah June 02, 2010
15 3
to masturbate. first heard in canadian high schools attended by young but moxy feminists.
"i had a huge crush on you in high school and and would paff while thinking of you."
by mystery meat June 10, 2008
23 12
clearly the noise that is created when a large quantity of drinking straws are thrown
hey buddy whats up


what was that?
that was clearly the noise of drinking sraws being thrown
by mondonkeyman April 13, 2010
14 7
Term used for a cigarette in the southwestern suburbs of Baltimore, MD.
Can I bum a paff off of you?
by Zephyr Sky September 15, 2010
9 4
The word you say when you drop something on the ground.

English word that has been most likely invented in Sweden.

Pronounced like “poff”
by Ketchup_4u June 02, 2010
1 3
A child called Paff (not their real name) that is proper Paffish (the origonal paff is bafe spafe and sik)
"Paff B Shizer"


"Paff Brown"


"'sup Paff?"
by Paff July 14, 2006
5 8