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junk in the trunk. other wise known as a persons backside, or ass.
damn look at that padunkadunk!
by steve December 17, 2004
65 16
Also known as badunkaunk, indicates that the subject has a lot of junk in the trunk. Big ass, use it to put your ashtray on. Smack it and ride the wave.
Damn, look at the padunkadunk on her!
by JimR June 29, 2005
43 15
The kind of derriere a person can place their cocktail on without spilling a drop
"Now that girl has some padunkadunk!"
by idro June 17, 2005
16 8
Where a chick has an ass so big you can see it from the front. Ass so big they wrote a song about it. So big you can put a tea cup on and not spill it. Not those nasty cottage chez sagy ass but something round and bootylishis!
That chick that walks down the street and everyone knows here from her booty. Padunkadunk.
by Lyndsey Reeves November 10, 2005
14 10
Junk in the trunk.

A large butt.
"Man, she got a pa dunk-a-dunk"

(Yelled) "pa dunk-a-dunk!"
by J a c o b August 09, 2005
37 60