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A lizard catcher, redneck. Typically found in South Louisiana.
Go put some shoes on, you look like a padoo.
by Dustin7777 April 20, 2008
1- A greeting a hick would say twords a normal person which will end in the confusion of the former party,the word is a compilation of the phrase how do and a botching of the english language do to a oral infection from tobacco chewing.
2- When an open mouth kiss occurs and one of the people has tobacco chew in his or her mouth without the other one aware of this.
1- Hick: well padoo there friend
Johny: what the fuck did you just call me!?!?!
2- Jason: so how was the party man
Robert: it was horrible i got padoed by some chick
Jason: ew dude, what did you do?
Robert: slaped her in the eye with my penis...
by Gortho April 01, 2009

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