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Bring your own beer, booze, bitch, and/or bombs.
Im having a party, byob.
by brenn April 26, 2005
A mispelling of psycho only incredibly better.
It allows the user of this word the power to describe anything that could possibly come to mind
That guy is such a SYKO hottie!
by Brenn August 09, 2003
by Brenn October 23, 2003
The Dad of all Nators, the wro'd that stadded it all.
How's your Dadinator doing? Is Mominator taking good care of him?
by Brenn October 23, 2003
Upon the spotting of the car with a single headlight, the unwary person must kiss the perceptive person.
"Padiddle!, now pucker up"!
by Brenn June 04, 2004

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