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Means Smoking Weed, Specifically:
1. The 'packing' of cannibus into the bong, for yourself or someone else.
2. To go for a chronic smoking session with friends.
3. To be 'shouted'/given free bongs from someone.
1. "Can you pack me up a cone dude?"
2. "Let's go home and pack up.
3. "Thank's for packing me up tonight man, I was hanging for a 'chop' so bad."
by Diego August 30, 2003
to stop working; cease operating; fail
two of the aircraft's engines pack up.
by Turgay Uykusuz October 01, 2005
An alternative for "packed-luch". People in Lincolnshire use it alot!
"Mum.....have you done my pack-up yet?"
by MaryAlcala March 09, 2006