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when someone tell a joke, or says something that is not funnч or has no relevence to what чur saчingg. or when чuu get stopped, or do something that creates awkardness.
Person One: ( goes to push door but its a pull)

Person Two : oh paa.
by чuudontknowwboutmee. August 05, 2009

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Party Animals Anonymous
I've been out every night this week, I've been living that #PAA lifestyle.

I need to stop going out so much or my mom will make me go to #PAA
by PAALIFESTYLE February 28, 2014
Paa is the Filipino word for foot.
Aray! Paa ko yun.
(Ouch! That's my foot)
by maggiepie July 04, 2006
a word used when u see a really hott girl(Austin Powers uses it)
(sees a hott girl)Paa!
by David (D.J.) January 02, 2008
The People Against Acronyms are known as the PAA.
Join the PAA if you hate acronyms!
by JamesIsMyNamo November 01, 2008
Acronym, Personal Analog Assistant. A planner or otherwise paper based medium in which names, addresses, phone numbers and appointments are kept.
Kid: I need a PDA to keep up with my classwork!
Mom: Here honey, I got you a PAA, it works just as well and costs less.
Kid: But this won't play tetris!
by hectomoo January 17, 2006
You’ve heard of SAAS, Software as a Service, well make way for PAAS, Product as a Service. Customers are subscribing to services that regularly deliver products they need over and over again. This could create a whole new class of business models.
Instead of selling your product to one customer, once, you might be able to turn it into PAAS, ‘product as a service’—people would subscribe to your service and you would deliver the product to them, say, once a quarter. It could be anything people use over and over again— like hair gel, shaving cream, razor blades, perfume, face cream, hey, maybe even socks and underwear.
by Prof Bruce April 02, 2011