A parliament light
Lemme get a pfunk
by serverpimp January 02, 2003
1.)Parliment Funkadelic 2.)"Plush Funk"(soft funk) 3.)A soft smooth groove by George Clinton and the Parliment.
Helda, have you heard of the new thing called 'plush funk'?
P- Funk is spectacular!!
by DeShaun March 21, 2006
slang for Parliament cigarettes.
hey man, this menthol is groddy, let me get shorts on that P-Funk.
by Rael105 July 05, 2008
Slang word for the gym, Planet Fitness
We are all going to meet up at pfunk at 5:30 to work out...
by JC6927 April 04, 2011
When you realize the stale scent of a female vigina and you are in the process of putting a bun in the oven and she brought the yeast and you end up with a sour dough Hoggie.
Took A girl home from the bar and thought I had cheese cake and when I laid her down I realized it was PFUNK pie.
by frankypp April 24, 2010
shortened name for the 70's disco band Parliament-Funkadelic, who are known for having 9 members. The most famous member is one of their two bassists, Bootsy Collins
"In the 70's, everytime P- Funk came on at a party, a fight broke out somewhere"
by cream of sumyungay September 19, 2005
A genre of Music pioneered by the band Maverick
Fusing classic 70's Punk Rock with early 90's Funk, typical of bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Guy 1: Dude, PFunk Rules!
Guy 2: What's PFunk?
Guy 1: It's on Urban Dictionary....
by Dangerous_Dean May 27, 2006

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