1.)Parliment Funkadelic 2.)"Plush Funk"(soft funk) 3.)A soft smooth groove by George Clinton and the Parliment.
Helda, have you heard of the new thing called 'plush funk'?
P- Funk is spectacular!!
by DeShaun March 21, 2006
Slang word for the gym, Planet Fitness
We are all going to meet up at pfunk at 5:30 to work out...
by JC6927 April 04, 2011
When you realize the stale scent of a female vigina and you are in the process of putting a bun in the oven and she brought the yeast and you end up with a sour dough Hoggie.
Took A girl home from the bar and thought I had cheese cake and when I laid her down I realized it was PFUNK pie.
by frankypp April 24, 2010
shortened name for the 70's disco band Parliament-Funkadelic, who are known for having 9 members. The most famous member is one of their two bassists, Bootsy Collins
"In the 70's, everytime P- Funk came on at a party, a fight broke out somewhere"
by cream of sumyungay September 19, 2005
A genre of Music pioneered by the band Maverick
Fusing classic 70's Punk Rock with early 90's Funk, typical of bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Guy 1: Dude, PFunk Rules!
Guy 2: What's PFunk?
Guy 1: It's on Urban Dictionary....
by Dangerous_Dean May 27, 2006
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