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fuck, don't even get me started on these fucking faggots. i'll burst a blood vessel
i wanna punch a teeny bopper in the fucking face. especially that faggot jesse mccartney
by cream of sumyungay September 18, 2005
NOTE: this definition applies to guys only (girls can't do a quiet piss)
when you aim your piss at a dry section of the toilet (usually just above the water line farthest from you), so it doesn't make as much noise as when you pee directly into the water
"hmm, i gotta pee, but everyone is sleeping. better do a quiet piss"
by cream of sumyungay September 17, 2005
a firework that you hold after it's been lit, and it shoots out fireball from the opposite end (or the end facing you, if you're retarded)
"i almost started a brushfire with a roman candle"
by cream of sumyungay September 17, 2005
something that doesn't work. usually used for firecrackers and other explosives
"man, that m-80 was a dud"
by cream of sumyungay September 18, 2005
Their genre isn't fuckin disputed. they're the epitome of hard rock. they're definitely not punk (they don't even like punk), and they're not metal. it's mainly the media that calls them that
"AC/DC kicks ass, but they ain't fuckin metal"
by cream of sumyungay September 15, 2005
a firecracker that kicks ass. until some dumbass kids blew their fingers off, now they're illegal. thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, dumbasses
m-80's are fun to blow up dog poo with
by cream of sumyungay September 11, 2005
a forty ounce bottle/can of beer, usually malt liquor
"i just gave you the definition of forty ounce, you don't need a friggin example"
by cream of sumyungay September 18, 2005

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