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to travel in large groups into someones room and then to immediately take over the residents bed forcing said resident into the plaksi-ers bed. circa 1873
I got palskied hard friday night, at least he has a temperpedic pillow
by this dbag November 03, 2009

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A pälskis, {pe:lsk´s} or pälskling {pe:lskliŋ} is another word for the worlds sweetest grizzly bear with warm, soft chest hair and bear-like boyfriendness.

The word derives from the two Swedish words päls {pe:ls}, which means fur, as in grizzly bear fur. And älskling {e:lskliŋ}, meaning darling, beloved.

A pälskis is something you would spontaneously call your grizzly bear boyfriend when you get overwhelmed with your love for him.
Jag älskar dig grizzly bear pälskling!

Hi, I'm Olli, and I'm a grizzly bear pälskis!
by Carolinka. June 16, 2009