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(L-S-K) to run away and make out.
"hey billy, want to lsk?"

"the lead singer from that band... major lsk status."
by sieuw April 08, 2006
21 6
Loyal Side Kick's Sister
Shoot! I didn't get to see LSKS this past weekend because I got stuck chilling out with my work friends instead. That's pretty weak.
by mamaert March 19, 2011
3 1
lsk, short for LIFE STYLE KING. one who lives and enjoys many different things. mostly one who parties but also wants to succeed.
guy 1:bro, i cant decide to go to collage or go party it up at all the time.

guy 2;bro be a lsk, and make 2 a life style for you
by lifestyleking February 29, 2012
0 2