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Penis and a paycheck
It's a reason why women stay in their unfulfilling relationships. When your husban ticks you off, remind yourself that he has p squared. If you are satisfied with the quality of his penis and his paycheck, then you can tolerate the rest of the crap.
by Roxanna Stephens June 17, 2006
A creepy guy who likes small children. Often is large, appears to be 40-years-old, balding, and pretends that he's in college.
College student #1: "That dude is making the moves on that girl who appears to be 13."
College student #2: "Talk about a total P Squared. What a creeper."
by GMU Girly Girl March 05, 2008
short for pocket pussy.
can also be used as a derogatory term for someone who is actin like a pussy.

"hey man let me copy your homework"
" no, i dont wanna get caught"
by P squared enthusist May 16, 2008
P squared stands for "Permanently Pmsing". Every month, a girl goes through her period and her behaviour during that time is defined as "P-m-s-ing". This behaviour involves getting mad over small things, being overly emotional, EXTREMELY ABNORMALLY SENSITIVE, exxagerating things to an unbelievable extent, or in other words..just being plain bitchy. P- Squared is when this bitchyness is applied permanent to sumonez personality.
"Omg, that was so P-Squared"
by Keenu September 22, 2006
gettin some because said pussy felt bad for you.

"Pity Pooter"
Setting FirePit
Penis: Hey Vag do you like Josh
vagina: No i just felt bad.
Penis: What do you mean?
vagina: I let him finger me :(
penis: hahahahah lololooo Rotflsauce
Vagina: Dont tell him
Penis: okay we"ll just make up a nick name

PITY POOTER=p squared
by crazyshoewilliams July 14, 2009
party posse, the boy band Bart was in.
We now bring you to the new music video by p squared.
by kugo October 24, 2006
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